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You can register a company as a non-profit company or profit company (link is external)with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC). A company is a legal person which has capacity and powers to act on its own.

How to register a company

All you need is your ID document. No paperwork required.

Step 1

Complete your online application in a few minutes.

Step 2

Pay using a credit card, EFT or a cash deposit at any ATM.

Step 3

Upload a certified copy of your ID document.

Step 4

Certificates sent to your email within one week.


New Company Registration Package

R 650 /one-time

What you need to know

A (Pty) Ltd is the most widely used company type for private businesses in South Africa.   It trades for profit and is a separate legal entity to its Shareholders.

Each company is required to have a minimum of 1 Director and 1 Shareholder and a valid physical South African street address.

You will need to provide 4 company name options for your application.

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Frequently asked questions

If you still have unanswered questions, please reach out to us and we’ll be happy to assist.

You will need a valid identity document for all Directors; a South African Department of Home Affairs issued ID card or green ID book, maroon refugee ID book or a valid foreign passport.  Currently asylum seekers are excluded.

For foreign nationals; if you do not reside in South Africa, the company is required to have a South African physical registered address. 

A Director runs the company; the Shareholder owns the company and they can be the same person. Minors (people under 18) may not be Directors of companies but they may be Shareholders. We do not recommend having minors as Shareholders as they do have functions to perform such as the appointing of Directors.

Yes, provided that they have valid passports and that the company has a physical South African address.

Yes, absolutely. Depending on what you would like to do, you can change pretty much everything on a company after its registered as long as you follow the correct procedure. It is important to advise CIPC of any changes to your company such as address, financial year end and any Director changes.

This is entirely dependent on CIPC and what their turnaround time is. Sometimes it can take a day but it usually doesn’t take longer than a week. Most (Pty) Ltds are processed within a week from submission.

We will send you all of your documents in a PDF format via email. They are; CoR 14.3 (Company Registration Certificate), CoR 14.1 (Notice of Incorporation), CoR 14.1A (Notice of Directors), CoR 15.1A (Memorandum of Incorporation), Share Certificates, Minutes of the Inaugural Meeting, FICA complaint Shareholders Declaration. These are all the documents you will need to open a business bank account for your company.

Annual returns are a tax levied by CIPC for your company to remain registered with CIPC and comply with company law. Each year on the anniversary of your company’s registration the annual returns are due even if your company did not trade or made a loss. The annual returns dues are calculated on annual turnover. If you fail to settle your annual returns, penalties will be levied against the company. If the annual returns and penalties continue to remain outstanding, CIPC may start a Deregistration process. This is the point when bank accounts are frozen and fixed properties become assets of the lender. You may be able to restore the company if you are still trading. This is a time consuming and costly process which is best avoided.