Mobile Landline Made Easy With Global Connect Solutions

Experience the convenience of a landline number that works directly on your smartphone, without the need for a SIM card. Our service operates via a mobile app, merging the benefits of a landline and a smartphone. For just a one-time activation fee of R400, you can enjoy this seamless communication solution.



New Landline Package

R 400 /one-time
All area codes available
Call Rate R0,37/min
Landline number can be used on WhatsApp
Advanced Call Handling Features
No contract
No daily fee

Transformative Communication Solutions: Swift and Affordable with Global Connect.

Welcome to Global Connect Solutions, your trusted partner in providing reliable and cost-effective virtual landline numbers. Our primary aim is to enhance your business communication with the outside world through our feature-rich landline solutions. Our virtual landline numbers, also known as mobile landline numbers, are the cornerstone of your marketing efforts, visible on your websites, business cards, and email signatures. They serve as the primary mode of contact for your customers seeking support or additional services. We understand their importance and ensure they are up and running within hours, offering exceptional reliability, a host of features, and an opportunity to reduce your organization's telecom costs.

Benefits of a Virtual Landline

No Contract

Experience the freedom of no binding contracts or monthly bills with our service. We operate on a simple, transparent payment structure. All you need to do is pay a one-time activation fee of R300. That's it - no hidden costs or ongoing commitments. Enjoy hassle-free communication with Global Connect Solutions.

Affordable Communication Solution

Opting for a landline number that operates through your smartphone via an app eliminates the need for costly installations and maintenance associated with traditional phone line services. The absence of physical infrastructure, such as wiring or hardware, significantly reduces costs.

Effortless Setup Process

Our landline service offers an effortless setup process. With no need for physical installations or technician visits, all you need is to download our app, register, and activate your landline number. This streamlined process gets your service up and running quickly, saving time and avoiding traditional setup hassles.

Professional Image

A landline number can bolster your business's professional image, suggesting a stable location, even if you work remotely or are mobile. It's ideal for small businesses or freelancers aiming to project an established presence. Also, it enhances local appeal and accessibility, fostering trust and credibility with customers.


Experience unmatched flexibility with the ability to take and make calls from anywhere, not tied down by location constraints. This service is ideal for those constantly on the move or working from different places, ensuring seamless communication no matter where you are. It's like having a traditional landline, but with the freedom of mobility.


One of the significant benefits of this service is its scalability. As your business grows or your personal needs change, you can easily adjust your service to match. Whether you need to add more lines, extend your coverage, or access additional features, you can do so without significant investment or complex installations. This flexibility makes it a future-proof solution for your communication needs

Frequently asked questions

If you still have unanswered questions, please reach out to us and we’ll be happy to assist.

Initiating your landline service is straightforward. Begin by registering and entering your ID number or passport details. Next, select your preferred area code and follow the steps detailed on this page. It's that simple! Your new landline number will be operational in no time

To recharge your Landline number, follow these simple steps:

  1. Initiate an EFT using the following bank account details:

    • Account Name: Rb Telecoms Ltd
    • Bank Name: FNB
    • Account Number: 62480368218
    • Branch Code: 256755
  2. For the transaction reference, please use your landline number.

  3. After completing the EFT, please send your proof of payment via WhatsApp to 012 054 7268.

This will ensure that your payment is correctly allocated to your account. Please note that the processing time may vary depending on your bank.

You can conveniently pay the activation fee right here on our website. We accept payments through Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or you can simply use your bank card. Follow the easy steps to order and make your secure payment. Should you encounter any issues, feel free to reach out for assistance.

Yes, our system allows you to receive unlimited incoming calls. If you are on a call and cannot answer incoming calls, our auto attendant system will be required. An auto-attendant acts as a virtual receptionist and can place calls onto a pre-determined holding message, allowing for multiple callers to be placed in a virtual queue. We recommend providing a customised “on hold” message for your clients while they wait to speak to you, ensuring they understand that you will answer shortly, as well as passing on relevant marketing information to the waiting callers.

Once your payment is processed, you can expect to receive your landline number in as little as three hours. We understand the importance of quick and efficient service, and we strive to ensure our customers feel secure and valued throughout the entire process.

The user experience is simple and intuitive. You can make and receive calls on any compatible IP desktop telephone, your smartphone or PC, or any combination of these devices. If using the softphone PC-based extension, we recommended purchasing a simple, hands-free headset to ensure a high-quality end-user experience.

No, there's no need to change your existing number. Our service works via an app, allowing you to keep your current number while enjoying the benefits of our virtual landline system.